Artist In Me

An art and craft competition was conducted in The Schram Academy Ayanambakkam on 23 Nov 2019.
The competition was divided into 4 categories in
a theme based on their level. Be it shading with pencil, coloring with crayons or painting, making
miniature models from clay, folding paper to create
out if waste , the finished products were all so amazing. The children had let their imagination run wild
and create absolute magic. It was indeed a very successful event and a memorable one too as all the
children proudly displayed their imaginative and creative work.The esteemed judges were from the
reputed Art schools, and they expressed that it would take time and effort to judge the wonderfully
created masterpieces and they also quoted ” That every pa
though the overall trophy was bagged by the students of Green valley school.
Report by,
Vandama Swaminathan