TSA did not just school me to write exams but also provided a forum to meet other students who are just as passionate about learning as I am. The school not only recognises talent in both the curriculum and extracurricular activities, but also encourages students to participate and give it their all.

Throughout the years, we have all been encouraged to interact and engage with our peers.

The relationships formed with the teachers, staff and students are something to remember for the entirety of one’s life. Schram has taught me how to drive myself to new heights in order to surpass my personal bests and progress on a continuous basis. Going through these years of school has been a fantastic experience that I will never forget.



The past year has been a roller coaster ride for many of us and it continues to demand every ounce of faith, resolve and determination. COVID 19 not only took us by surprise but it upended everything we knew and believed to be “normal”. Life almost came to a stand still. The fear of uncertainty reigned supreme and as a parent I worried about the future of my kids, especially my 8 year old daughter. The formative years of education are critical to growth and  development for every child and any disruption would have disastrous consequences.

I did not have to worry thanks to the formidable team of teachers of Grade 3 A, Mrs. Leema Maleeni, Mrs Jincy Vishal, Mrs. Sona John, Mrs Vadivambigai and Mrs. Freeda JP.

They took on the challenge of transitioning their entire teaching methodology onto an online platform and went on to plan, prepare, coordinate and successfully implement a system that does justice to the education of our children. Mrs Naina and the members of the Board at TSA ensured that all the resources required were made available to make this change possible.

Our children being born in the Digital Era adapted to the change quickly. Was it easy to do? No, but that did not stop them. Are there any issues that cause hiccups? Yes, internet connectivity, power failures, coping with lockdowns and not interacting in-person, to name a few, but that has not deterred the progress being made. I personally find that commendable. Kudos to every teacher for taking on this challenge of live classes head-on and congratulations to all the students for embracing the change.   


Leeza A. Harris

Mother of Shereen Rose Grade 3A

I am Kalpana Prakash, mother of Y.P.Manas & Y.P.Sahith, presently promoted to Class VII and Class V respectively.

Our family has been associated with The Schram Academy for over 8 years now. Both our sons completed their formative years of schooling right from kindergarten to Class IV in the Park Road campus and now moved to the Maduravoyal campus for higher classes.

We are extremely happy with all that the School has offered our children. We are pleased with the ethos of the School, which aspires to identify each child’s capabilities & provides an environment that enables all children to achieve their potential. The School is proactive in ensuring the overall development of the child and the quality of teaching is excellent!

The Management & Staff are very approachable & open to suggestions. Their focus on the child’s well-being rather than only academic performance is refreshing. The warm & loving bonds that are forged between Teachers, Students & Staff are heart-warming.

We pray the school continues to grow and strengthen their core vision that makes them stand apart from other schools.


With regards,

Kalpana Prakash

The teachers and the staff of The Schram Academy have been fantastic throughout the year showing personal attention to each student. They have shown tremendous commitment and dedication in conducting on-line classes overcoming socio-technical challenges thrown by pandemic. The teachers exhibited unparalleled patience levels in controlling and keeping the kids attentive during the classes throughout the academic year. They never compromised on quality of teaching despite their own personal commitments/challenges/issues due to lock-down and ensured high standards of education. They quickly adapted to the new normal and lead by example for the students.

Fabulous coordination by the teachers in conducting on-line cultural events and festive celebrations that ensured the students did not miss any of these important activities. The enthusiasm with which the teachers participated/performed in these events was so encouraging to the students that they were motivated to follow their role models and exhibit their talents. Special mention to the efforts taken by the teachers towards inculcating leadership qualities in students by conducting group activities. The students were encouraged to interact with each other in completing the assigned activities like role-plays. These activities resulted in improved skills of communication and coordination among the students. Also kudos to the teaching staff who conducted IT, Communication, PT and Drawing classes, ensuring no gaps in adherence of the curriculum.

Overall, it was an exciting year for both students and parents, many thanks to the sincere efforts extended by the Principal, teachers and support staff of The Schram Academy in this challenging environment which is new for generations. The passion and perseverance of all these stakeholders resulted in successful completion of this academic year and gave complete confidence for the upcoming year.