Ayanambakkam CBSE


The one social institution that embodies progressive growth is a school. The learners of today demand an education that prepares them for a successful future. The challenge, then, is to fulfill that need while providing a platform for expression, exploration, enquiry and excellence! That is essentially the guiding philosophy of TSA as established by its Founder, Late Dr. Elizabeth Schram. With “Excellence in Education” as our motto, we constantly strive to give the best to our students through relevant pedagogy, and the latest in technology and leadership. The school aims to engender, agents of positive social change with a drive to excel and a spirit to innovate.  

The Schram Academy offers an equal opportunity for all students to learn and grow together. The classrooms are transformational environments where the future leaders of this great nation are shaped. We pride ourselves with being an establishment dedicated to the true purpose of education- human excellence!

Ms. Judith Sugirtha