Park Road


Welcome and warm greetings from The Schram Academy. It is an honor and privilege to share the vision, goals and ambitions of the team at TSA-Park Road.

The Park Road campus is the maiden educational venture of The Schram Foundation, established in the year 2000, catering to the educational needs of Kindergarten students. In 2018, there was a significant transformation when the campus building was converted into a remarkable state-of-the-art modern facility with infrastructure and technology that catered to the progress of students in every area. It is furnished with 15 large well ventilated air-conditioned classrooms. It has a well-equipped IT room with computers and laptops installed with latest software, to develop the technical skill of students. There is a library filled with interesting books and literary materials, to stir up the reader in them. The provision of our very own skating rink is an added benefit to allow students experience the fun of learning away from the classroom setup. The kindergarten students explored the fun of outdoor activities in their play area and sandpit, always under the watchful eye of their teachers. To enhance the overall physical, mental and emotional growth of students, they are introduced to physical training classes, swimming, art and craft, singing and dance as part of the curriculum in addition to academics. We also believe it is essential to imbibe in them moral and ethical values, encouraging self-discipline and mutual respect as they start their journey of learning.

The joy of learning and love for school starts early and can flourish in the right environment. Therefore, the team of well accomplished, experienced, qualified, confident and passionate teachers are ready to take on every little individual who choose to be a part of TSA.

In the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic, protective measure are a priority and have been addressed for the safety of all. Every visitor to the campus is checked with temperature reading equipment and hand sanitizing dispensers are available at security point. A periodic schedule is followed for daily cleaning and disinfection of the school environment, facilities and frequently touches surfaces and ensure guidance on the use of masks by all.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Management and our Parents who have unconditionally trusted us and wholeheartedly supported us. We shall keep working on the physical environment of the school providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere which will support learning. We encourage positive communication and interaction among students, teachers and the wider community. We promise an academic environment which is conducive to learning and achievement, for all our students.

Naina Haridas
Campus Head